Cape Town Therapy Hub | Psychology (Assessment Portfolio)
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Psychology (Assessment Portfolio)


Our Psychometric Assessments are conducted by a registered Psychologist with experience working with children, adolescents and adults who experience academic, social or emotional difficulties.


By using her knowledge of the stages of child development, children and young people can be helped to achieve their full potential. Through the assessment process, our psychologist can help identify problems that may hinder the child’s successful learning by using a range of appropriate interventions in collaboration with their families and other professionals.


She administers diagnostic educational assessments for the conditions listed below:


  • Language- or learning difficulties
  • School readiness and developmental stage assessments
  • Examination concessions (e.g. spelling, extra time etc)
  • Concessions for alternative possibilities (use of device, assistance of a scribe)
  • Behavioural problems (ADHD, deviant behaviour)
  • Emotional problems (e.g. anxiety, depression)
  • Social Communication Disorders (e.g. ASD)
  • Cognitive Assessments